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    Cycling is viewed as an ecologically friendly mode of transport, however, there is a black mark that faces the industry every day. The disposal of the bicycle tyres and inner tubes.


    Research has shown that there are up to 30,500,000 tyres disposed of each year in the UK alone, this is matched by a further 152,500,000 inner tubes.  Over 99% of these end up in landfill, this is in excess of 44,000 tonnes.


    This is a major ecological issue.


    Velorim have developed an elegant solution in order to process both bicycle tyres and inner tubes and provide an end product that has a defined market.


    Initially, the waste materials will be reprocessed into:

    • Rubber Crumb
    • Nylon
    • Steel
    • Brass

    All of which have a value in the market, however, within a short period Velorim will look at ‘devulcanising’ the rubber crumb, producing the equivalent of virgin rubber and massively opening the market up.

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