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    LOOP is a circular economy marketplace helping organisations across the built environment create social, environmental and economic benefit by finding new users for materials and equipment that are being underutilised or would otherwise be processed as waste.

    LOOP helps your organisation to:
    • Generate additional revenue
    • Plan ahead where to send materials and avoid waste charges
    • Engage with the community by passing on useful assets
    • Increase productivity by maximising the utilisation of assets
    We also offer a partnership service called LOOP Pro for large organisations that are committed to, or exploring the first steps of moving towards a circular economy model.
    Our approach is to work alongside the partner to understand their material flows, stakeholders, and aims for the circular economy and to help facilitate this through a mixture of connections, networks and our digital platform, LOOP.
    The benefit of this approach is that it provides expert third party advice, access to LOOP's growing network of projects and partners, and creates a quick, easy and transparent method of scaling out the opportunities identified though the use of the LOOP platform.

    LOOP is particularly useful for :

    • Infrastructure projects
    • Local authorities
    • Construction companies
    • Property developers
    • Retailers with property portfolios
    Typically we help link together communities, corporates, local authorities and SME's to accelerate the move to a circular economy, creating jobs, providing value and benefitting the environment. If LOOP Pro is of interest to your organisation you can email us at contact@loop-hub.co.uk.
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