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Volunteer Opportunity

CEC has an exciting opportunity for a project manager to join the club. The primary role for this position will be help build the relationships with a wide range of circular and sustainability specialists, from consultants working on environmental policies to senior entrepreneurs with accumulated knowledge and experience in the circular economy field.

Available Locations


What we do

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) is the international network of over 2,600 circular economy professionals that gives visibility to the best circular projects. Our activity is non-profit, run by volunteers and although it started in London, there are team members based globally. CEC organises events to spur mentorship and investment to the best circular economy projects.

The concept of the circular economy is grounded in the study of non-linear, feedback-rich systems. The circular economy may be the biggest revolution in the global economy in 250 years as it challenges companies and societies to rethink the current models and relationships. A circular economy is restorative and regenerative by design, and aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.


This role is a flexible role for someone passionate about innovation and building relationships that compel people to mentor entrepreneurs and projects. The role is to coordinate the relationship with CEC Mentors, from getting their bio and uploading it to the website, to set up the calendar of mentorship sessions, introduce mentors to startups and coordinate with the Communications team to launch the Mentorship draws and get people registered in the free mentorship sessions. This opportunity is a great option if you would look forward to:

  • Actively networking with circular economy professionals
  • Belonging and reinforcing the unique CEC brand proposition that we stand for
  • Keeping mentors and startup member database organised and safe
  • Understanding circular trends and adjust plans and priorities accordingly, thus directly contributing to CEC strategy, mainly by:
    • Identifying and contacting prospect mentors and startups, having calls with them, managing their data and bring them on board
    • Enabling effective mentor and  startup engagement before and after mentorship sessions
    • Managing mentors relationships by solving their doubts, sending them the monthly update and thanking them for sessions
  • Liaise with CEC London intercultural team to plan and communicate relevant content to mentors
  • The analytical skills to understand the principles of the circular economy, in order to understand what is a circular mentor and a circular startup and what is not
  • Ability to effectively make the case for the Circular Economy Club

Person specification

  • Background education and/or experience in sustainability or specifically within circular economy
  • The analytical skills to understand the principles of the circular economy, apply them to different contexts within sustainability, and make connections
  • Self-starter, capable of volunteering with a high degree of independence
  • Skills:
    • Understanding project management and the importance of being fast to reply to Mentor questions/emails
    • Understanding of search engine optimisation (SEO) and how to write to optimise it
    • Understanding of key circularity leaders, change agents and who to engage in CEC
  • Enjoys working in a multicultural team and see the benefits of collaboration
  • … but the main thing is that you are enthusiastic about #CircularEconomy and make the most of the club!

What we offer

  • Dates: starting as soon as possible
  • Salary package: the club is run on a volunteer basis
  • Flexible volunteering hours: volunteer from home around 5-7hours/week
  • Attendance to all our events
  • Introductions to #CircularEconomy professionals
  • Outstanding team

Please apply sending us your professional profile and why you want to be part of the team, by sending an email to: talent@CircularEconomyClub.com

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