At the Circular Economy Club (CEC), we believe it is crucial to connect experts on the circular economy with young students, professionals, and startups who are trying to embed the circular economy in their projects. For that reason, CEC launched the Mentors program, connecting CEC Members who have vast experience in implementing circularity with those who can benefit from their expertise.


If you are looking to increase your skills and expertise in the circular economy field, you can now gain the CEC Official Certificate "Principles & Business Models in a Circular Economy". If what you need is advice to further develop your circular project, feel free to apply to get free CEC Mentoring following the steps below.


42 Mentors            250 Hours of mentorship         118 Circular Projects supported



Parallel to the on-going CEC Mentors program, the club is running a series of Mentorship opportunities with the world’s leading circular economy promoters who join the program as Guest Mentors.




I commend the work CEC is doing through the Mentors program


It is crucial for those of us who have been studying our economies for decades, to transmit our knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. I commend the work CEC is doing through the Mentors program and therefore I am showing my support by being a Guest Mentor.

Walter R. Stahel



CEC Mentors are "by invitation only" experts in multiple fields including circular fashion, construction, cities, energy, cradle to cradle, biomimicry, industrial symbiosis, business models, policy-making and many more. For speaking requests to CEC mentors or other engagements, contact Inna Chilik, CEC Mentors Coordinator, at




CEC Mentees Benefits

  • You will have one or more Skype sessions (45min each) with your Mentor for free and will have the chance to ask him/her all relevant questions that will help your project succeed
  • The opportunity to have a key role in the next generation of circular economy leaders
  • Receiving a CEC Mentee LinkedIn certificate upon completion of the program
  • Your project will be promoted periodically on CEC social media channels
  • Playing a visible role in a network of circular economy professionals working on fascinating projects related to your own area of interest
  • You will be able to add the CEC Mentee badge to your project and reference it in your CV

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to develop your idea or scale your circular business, a student writing your thesis, or a professional planning to transform your organisation’s supply chain,...

APPLY NOW to become a CEC Mentee and get free advice in the form of one or more Skype sessions with a CEC Mentor, by following the steps below:

   1. Sign in for free as a CEC Member here

   2. Prepare your application - following these 4 steps

   3. Apply to Get advice from a CEC Mentor


   4. If accepted... Prepare your mentorship sessions - following these steps

   5. Schedule your mentorship sessions 




Do you know someone with a path-breaking interest in circular economy and you like to recommend the Mentors program to them? Share this opportunity with them and help to make an impact.

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