CEC Specialist® Program

Achieve the circular economy highest professional distinction – the CEC Specialist® designation.

The CEC Specialist® Program is a self-study program that will give you the most comprehensive understanding of how to advance real-world circular economy analysis and implementation skills in today’s business world. The program includes three levels and accompanying exams. CEC Specialists® benefit from:

  • The highest designation in the circular economy profession worldwide
  • Developing competence in topics pertinent to the circular economy
  • Developing circular initiatives that are economically prosperous
  • Increasing employment opportunities globally
  • Implementing circular solutions for real-life projects and organizations

CEC Specialist® can also apply to become "CEC Specialist® Instructors" to teach the CEC Specialist® curriculum either as a freelancer or through an organization.

How to Become a CEC Specialist®

  1. Enroll in the CEC Specialist® Program and register for an exam. There are four requirements to enroll in the program:
    • Be a current or new CEC Member (free)
    • Have completed a bachelor’s degree or equivalent program
    • Have a valid international travel passport to register and sit for the exams
    • Be prepared to take exams in English as CEC Expert® exams are only offered in English
  2. Pass the Level I exam (offered only in December)
  3. Pass the Level II exam (offered only in December)
  4. Pass the Level III exam (offered only in December)
  5. Have three years of professional work experience in the circular economy. This work experience can be accrued before or during participation in the CEC Specialist® Program
  6. Sign the CEC Code of Professional Conduct

How to Take the CEC Specialist® Exam

Before registering to take the CEC Specialist® Exam Level I:

Be notified when registration opens

Fill out this form for notification of when we publish information about exam prices, dates, locations, and registration instructions to enroll in the CEC Specialist® Program.

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