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  • Circular Economy Leadership Coalition

    Ottawa (Canada)

    OUR VISION To make Canada a world leader in building a sustainable, prosperous, zero-waste, low-carbon-emitting Circular Economy that benefits the lives of people at home and abroad. OUR MISSION To provide thought leadership, technical expertise and a collaborative platform for Read more [...]

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    all (United States)

    SIRQLR, a PSS company, creates significance and purpose for consumers in the fashion and apparel industries.

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    Kfar Netter (Israel)

    ECO-OS is a cloud-based sustainability platform designed to catalyze industrial symbiosis within and among organizations and the circular economy at-large. Using state-of-the-art cloud-computing and user-centric design, ECO-OS reduces the burden of data management tasks, including regulatory and voluntary reporting, while Read more [...]

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    Exchange4Change Brasil

    São Paulo (Brazil)

    Exchange4Change Brasil is a specialized consultancy dedicated to facilitate the transition  to the circular economy in Brazil. We work with international experts to co-create and adapt global solutions to the brazilian reality. We believe that the transition will only happen Read more [...]

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    Alicante (Spain)

    SEN (Sustainable Environment Network) is a collaborative global network on sustainable environmental solutions which allows you to access high-quality information and share stories, experiences and lessons learned with the SEN community.

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    Garbage 31

    Lviv (Ukraine)

    Garbage 31 is based on the logic of circular and sustainable solutions, which is also embeded into our values. Inside almost every trash item you'll find a range of ideas, covering major circularity options - recycling, reducing, repairing, upcycling, rethinking, turning into ethical or Read more [...]

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    NUS UK

    Macclesfield (United Kingdom)

    NUS UK (National Union of Students) is a confederation of 600 students’ unions the UK representing the interests of seven million students in the UK. Three years ago, they developed the first circular economy lighting model in the UK with Philips Lighting, Pay per Lux.

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    Berlin (Germany)

    CRCLR is the Circular Economy House in Berlin, settled in a former brewery turned into a shared co-working and living space hosting events and workshops focusing on circular economy themes.

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    Circular Economy Asia

    Krong Siem Reap (Cambodia)

    Circular Economy Asia aims at developing Circular Economy throughout the Asia Pacific region, through the three core principles of: Waste as a Resource Circular Business Models; and Circular Design Principles.

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    Paris (France)

    Sparknews is a Paris-based social enterprise that promotes solutions journalism worldwide in order to bring together innovation, positive impact, purpose and engagement

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    MVO Nederland

    Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    BUSINESS NETWORK CSR Netherlands is the Center of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. More than 2000 companies are affiliated with this networking organization. We are developing a dynamic and fast-growing business network comprised of Read more [...]

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    CEP Americas

    Santa Cruz (Aruba)

    01 / Introduce and create awareness and knowledge of the concept of Circular Economy throughout the Western Hemisphere (Americas). 02 / Host a digital library of technical information, data, and research publications regarding Circular Economy relevant to the Americas. DATABASE Read more [...]

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    Brussels (Belgium)

    The mission of is to pursue advocacy activities with an influence on sustainable development and the green economy, advance the interests of green SMEs and green economy projects across Europe, and work towards improving environmental standards. The organization is Read more [...]

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    Nederland Circulair

    Soest (Netherlands)

    The platform for questions on sustainable business. Share your challenges, invite the community to contribute, use the helpdesk or search amongst the challenges and in our network to find your match. Become inspired, share your experiences and get connected.